Sunday, 17 April 2016

Malika's Letter

Malika's Letter from Big Brother Kaos

Just had to Share it!!

Hi Malika

It's your big brother here, it sounds great now that you have moved next to the sea, I do hope you are giving those seagulls a good run around. I give the geese and ducks a flying lesson when we walk by the river, they really annoy me they just wait till I get right up to them and the next thing they are off, how I wish I had wings, mind you I am still clumsy really struggle with feet let alone wings.

I try and be good most days but usually I blow it, take the other day I thought as the warmer weather was coming Mum would be pleased if I gave her gardening shoes some ventilation, so I pierced a few holes in them for her, you know just to keep her feet cool, I got that wrong, some people are never grateful for the help I give.

Also I was busy helping set the potatoes and saw Mum digging holes so decided to dig a few myself, wrong again right in the middle of the tulips, honestly you can't win!

On the whole life's pretty good here lots of food, bones, treats and cuddles, but I do have to put up with the arsey dachshund, the little bugger pinches my bones and buries them, never tried this myself usually too busy eating them. I mean why would you want to bury them!!.

My favourite trick is drinking out of the fish pond them coming inside and shaking, I really don't like the colour Mum chose for the kitchen walls so the plan is to cover them with slobber, even got the vet when I had my booster last week. Top Score!

Mum has been surfing the net (it's amazing when she does this, Natural Instinct deliver us goodies) clever eh! We are looking for a cottage near to you so we can come and see you and the gang and catch up on the gossip and chase a few seagulls. Will let you know when we find something and look forward to seeing you all, in the meantime be good, well not too good you have to keep up the family tradition. Lots of love to you all and my first Mummy.

Love Kaos  xxxxx

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