Sunday, 31 January 2016

Claude & Coco Babies

Claude's babies in Switzerland are now 2 weeks old and thanks to their wonderful mum Coco they are all doing really well, gaining weight and moving round their puppy pen. Some of them have already started opening their eyes.

Photographs :  Copyright Jacky Gluck

Sunday, 24 January 2016


Awelymor Sempre Fiera

Exeter & County Canine Society Open Show

Judge : Debra Revell
Date : Saturday, 16 January 2016

Congratulations Marion & Florence on your 2nd place at the Exeter & County Canine Society Open Show.  This was their first show and Florence is now 41/2 years old so I think a fantastic achievement.  

Kallie, Freya and the rest of the Awelymor Gang send their love 

Wednesday, 20 January 2016


Netis Groove Master

On the 19 January 2016 I lost my beautiful boy JJ,  he was under veterinary care for a week but sadly his condition worsened and eventually his backend totally collapsed, he was in a lot of pain, so the awful decision was made to put him to sleep.

He was such a special boy, very loving and always there for cuddles.

I will miss you gorgeous boy, always in my heart
Run Free with Duncan xx

Welcome to the World

Claude would like to introduce his new offspring

12 Puppies
8 Boys - 4 Girls
Born : 17 January 2016
in Switzerland

Claude's Renezvous

On the 16th November 2015, Claude and I set off early in the morning for the Euro Tunnel we had a slight detour first to pick up our trusty co-pilot from Southampton, then onward for our trip to Belgium and for Claude to meet his lady love Coco (Coco de la Colline des Violettes).

When we arrived at the Euro Tunnel it was eerie to say the least, a few days before there had been the awful events that happend in Paris and it seems that most people had decided not to travel and either cancelled or postponed their trips.  When you see an empty car park and terminal and you are going to be travelling miles under the sea it does make you worry a bit but nothing was going to stop us.

Empty Car Park at the Euro Tunnel
We had no problems at all and didn't even get lost which for us on one of our road trips is most unusually. We even managed to find the hotel without a wrong turn. Sylvie, her lovely mum and Coco were waiting for us there.

We checked in, settled into our room and unpacked the most important items of all when travelling the kettle, coffee and teabags, what could be better?? We even had our very own bathroom, posh or what!!

Annette Chilling
The Trusty Kettle

Enough tea and relaxation Claude was anxious to meet his lady love Coco, so off downstairs we went,  met up with Sylvie and a short drive later we were at friends home who had kindly agreed to let us use their garden for the mating.  The timing couldn't have been more perfect.

      The Mating Game
We were delighted as a successful mating took place and just before it started to rain, perfect.  Sylvie's friends own one of Claude and Coco's daughters from their first litter Milou, so it was lovely to be able to see her and get a photo of her with Daddy, as you can see it had started to rain heavily then.

We had a lovely evening with great company, good food and of course champagne to celebrate the reunion of Claude and Coco.  Then it was back to the hotel, it had been a very long day for us all but a successful one, and it was lovely meeting up with Sylvie again.

The next morning we found out that the beach was only a 5 minute walk from the hotel,  so it was a great place for Claude to stretch his legs and of course the usual photo opportunities.

Claude having Fun

The Love Match
 Annette was adamant that she was not leaving Belgium without trying their Belgium Waffles, so we found a cafe and went in and ordered.

Annette in Heaven

The big question was did she share them with me or did she eat the whole plateful herself??? Of course she shared she is a nice person.  Poor Claude on the other hand was out of luck they were to good to let him try them. What a horrible owner I am.

Poor Claude - No waffles for him not even a crumb
On the way home I confess we did make a slight detour round a very small country road for a couple of miles, OK I took a wrong turn and got hopelessly lost but never fear the trusty SatNav got us back on track. 

All was going well until one lane of the motorway started to back up with lorries we weren't sure what was going on but eventually we were all filtered into one lane and taken off the motorway for random car checks by the police. Fortunately, we were just waved through, so onward with our journey to Duty Free and Pet Passport Control!!!

Tail Back
Road Block
We all had a lovely time and it was great to see Sylvie and Coco again.  Bring on the next road trip!!!

Monday, 18 January 2016

The Miracle Litter

On the 20th July 2015 Claude had a visit from a new lady friend called Moet (Moet de l'Espirit de Bonte) and her lovely family Elisabeth and Bart, the first mating went very smoothly.

For the second mating Elisabeth came up to the house on her own, while Bart was slaving away in the kitchen making a delicious lasagna. After the mating and a lot of chatting Elisabeth set off on her way back to the holiday cottage the family were staying in. Unfortunately, a van coming the other way was going to fast and cut the bend and hit Elisabeth's Volvo head on, the Volvo was a total right off, Elisabeth and Moet were lucky to walk away from the accident. An ambulance was called and Elisabeth was checked out although she was very sore there was no serious injury (thank goodness) and Moet after the initial shock took everything in her stride she even got to sit in the Ambulance with Elisabeth until Bart came.

Nobody was sure if this would affect Moet and the potential babies she could be carrying although it was very early days, you just never know.

The good news finally came on the 18 September 2015, that Moet had given birth to 6 babies, 3 boys and 3 girls, hence why they are named the Miracle Litter.

All the puppies are now in their forever homes with their new families and Daddy Claude wishes them all a happy and fun filled life.



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