Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Claude is a Proud Daddy!!


On Sunday Filou entered his first show in Aarau, and was placed first in the male class.  His sister Flava was awarded first place in the female class.

The Judges critique for Filou : His body is built in harmony, Compact backline, Correct tail, Typical head, Dark eyes, Excellent hair, Movement correct and strong.

Filou went on to compete in the Honour Ring and was placed 3rd overall of all breed of dogs that were judged in the Jungstenklasse that day, which is a fantastic achievement.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Cei Bach

Day off work, beautiful weather, time to introduce Malika to the beach for the first time.  Cei Bach is one of mine and the Gangs favourite walks and when the tide is out you can walk from the woodland car park all the way into New Quay, great place for a pit stop before heading back home.

New Quay in the Distance
Mia snorkeling
Where's the ball????
I am sure the dogs are meant to retrieve the ball!!!
Gimmie that ball!!!!!
I can touch my nose with my tongue, can you!!!!
Practicing my doggy paddle
Something smells fishy!!!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Welcome to my blog, this is a new adventure for me and I am not very technical so please bear with me while I learn how to properly post things on here. I thought I would start off with something simple and introduce you to Malika (Awelymor Bebop Little Minx)