Monday, 18 January 2016

The Miracle Litter

On the 20th July 2015 Claude had a visit from a new lady friend called Moet (Moet de l'Espirit de Bonte) and her lovely family Elisabeth and Bart, the first mating went very smoothly.

For the second mating Elisabeth came up to the house on her own, while Bart was slaving away in the kitchen making a delicious lasagna. After the mating and a lot of chatting Elisabeth set off on her way back to the holiday cottage the family were staying in. Unfortunately, a van coming the other way was going to fast and cut the bend and hit Elisabeth's Volvo head on, the Volvo was a total right off, Elisabeth and Moet were lucky to walk away from the accident. An ambulance was called and Elisabeth was checked out although she was very sore there was no serious injury (thank goodness) and Moet after the initial shock took everything in her stride she even got to sit in the Ambulance with Elisabeth until Bart came.

Nobody was sure if this would affect Moet and the potential babies she could be carrying although it was very early days, you just never know.

The good news finally came on the 18 September 2015, that Moet had given birth to 6 babies, 3 boys and 3 girls, hence why they are named the Miracle Litter.

All the puppies are now in their forever homes with their new families and Daddy Claude wishes them all a happy and fun filled life.


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