Thursday, 2 July 2015

Douai Trip

The trip to Douai seems to becoming an annual event, it is a great 2 day National and International Show and normally there are a few of us Brits that make the trip, this year was no exception. Unfortunately this year my co-pilot wasn't able to come and anybody that knows me also know that my navigational skills are sadly lacking add that with driving on a different side of the road and the added complication of Tolls , not a good combination.  However, I had a cunning plan and arranged to meet Wendy and Julian at the Euro Tunnel and followed their car all the way to Douai - No Problem!!!!

We arrived at the hotel around about 6pm, checked in, fed and walked the dogs and then decided to go to the local supermarket and stock up on food and drink for the evening.

The hotel definitely deserves a mention, the rooms were great, the staff could not have been any more helpful, breakfast was lovely, it was very dog friendly and all at a reasonable price.

Some of us Brits enjoying a bite to eat at the hotel on the Friday night, a happy bunch but before I could take the photograph they had hidden the bottles of wine that we had been consuming,

Anouk settling in for her first night in the hotel,  we were both shattered but at least she left me some room on the bed.  And yes people that is my kettle in the background, can't go anywhere without old faithful.

Saturday was always going to be a busy day, first the National Show with some great results for the British Barbets, Pi and Anouk were confirmed, which was the reason for my trip to Douai this time.

Then a short walk over to the lake for the TAN Test, not all the Barbets were doing the TAN but we all went along as the cheer-leading section.All the dogs did their owners proud and passed with flying colours.

How could we take a group of Barbets to a lake and not let them have a dip especially on a very warm day, that would be too cruel.  To be honest at one point I nearly dived in with the dogs to cool off.

Anouk and Pi

Anouk and Boris (young love)
Sunday was again another successful day this time for the International Show, all the results in more detail can be found on the Barbet Club of Great Britain website. Before Group judging started in the main ring we had a small get together with old and new friends.

The Dog Whisperer
Before setting off on the long journey back to the UK, we took the dogs for a final swim in the lake and of course us humans had to have an ice cream.
Cooling off
Me & Anouk
Finally arrived home around 2.30am on the Monday morning, at least there is very little traffic on the road at that time.

It was great to meet old friends and new and again a great weekend trip to Douai, roll on next year.

Anouk sporting her R.C.A.C.I.B Rosette

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